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And so it begins..

It’s Tuesday, Bella magazine has just come out with the free slimming world membership inside. I’ve bought two, one for me and one for a friend. It’s happening! Thursday will be the first time I have ever gone to anything like slimming world.

I’m not comfortable at all with the thought of going to the group, but I realise that I need to do something about my weight. I’m just short of 6foot and I don’t know how much I weigh but I can tell you, it’s not good. I must be about 17 stone. That is ridiculous! If I’m ever going to fall pregnant, I need to lose this weight and be a healthier person.

This blog is a diary for me, for my weight and also for my mind. I’m not expecting anybody to read this, it literally is just me and my journey.

You can do this.



Weeks 6&7

Week 6


I’ve been slow and steady this week. After not feeling well last week I feel like if I ate better again I’d out weight on. I didn’t have any more of the ready meals left so I couldn’t eat them, so I found myself making the same things I’d made before. That speedy bolognaise is lovely to be fair.


Being Weighed

I was convinced that I had put weight on. I was like a loose cannon eating everything in sight. It turns out that it wasn’t that bad and id lost another 1.5 lbs.  THAT’S ONE STONE DOWN!


New Weight

16st 13.5lbs


Total Weight Loss

1stone 0.5 pounds.


Week 7


I have had an awful week! I have been stuck in my bed feeling horrible with a shitty Migraine. I have hardly eaten and drank anything, I’ve just been watching telly on it’s lowest brightness with the curtains closed and all the lights off.


In fact I have eaten one meal a day and they have been takeaways. Such shame!!


The Weigh in


I knew I had… Lost 3.5lbs. It’s due to the hardly eating. It’s not a very good thing to do, but I was poorly and it won’t be happening on purpose!!


New Weight

16st 10lbs


Total Weight Loss

1stone 4lbs


Only 3 pounds to go until my Stone and a half!  I’m doing so well!!!!


It’s Been Busy

So we’e had the news that we need to move house. This means that the stress of my life has increased X15 and it[‘s been difficult for me to eat right, let alone update my blog. But let me catch myself up.

Week Two

This was a harder week. I was so happy with my first weeks loss that i started being less strict. Bought some snacks and just loosened up a bit. It didn’t go terribly bad, although all week i thought i would lose the same at the first week. DELUSIONAL.

Let me tell you, the first week is easy because your body is changing food quickly so you drop a lot of weight in one go. The second week is so much harder, your body now knows the stuff you’re eating and the weight doesnt drop off.

The Weigh in
Not as well as I expected, but i lost another 3lbs.

New Weight
17st 4.5lbs.

Week Three

This was the hardest week so far. The stress from trying to find a house got to me and i ate nearly all the snacks in the world. Sometimes it’s okay to slip up and treat yourself, it makes the weeks where you lose a lot of weight worth it.

The Weigh in

Horrible. Maintained.

New Weight
17st 4.5lbs

Week 4

I tried so hard to get back into the frame of mind this week. It was very difficult, the stress of everything as just getting to me and i needed to eat everything. I’m guessing that maybe one day out of the week i did eat slimming world. It’s not so bad i guess. It could have been so much worse.

The Weigh in
A loss is a loss. .lbs loss. Everyone said it’s been that a gain, but i feel as though i have cheated myself.

New Weight
17st 4lbs

Week 5

The best week i think i have had. To say that we were out for a the boxing Saturday, the Tour de Yorkshire Sunday and it was bank holiday Monday i did really well. I didn’t over eat and i tried to stick to slimming world. Back with the jacket potato at dinner time and allowed myself controlled snacks through the week. I also have been eating the slimming world ready meals, they’re alright to be fair.

The only one id idn’t like was the beef in gravy with swede. Something about it my body didn’t like and made me a little poorly. Im sure this helped towards the hopeful wright loss.

The Weigh in
Ecstatic that i lost another 3lbs. As i say most of it is probably due to how poorly i felt all week making me want to eat less.

New Weight

17st 1lb

Let’s hope that i can keep this up. 1 more pound and I’ve lost my first stone.


Total weight loss 13 pounds.



Pound for pound

The first week

So this week was difficult. I was determined not to ruin it and stay on track. I had the odd breakfast of a bacon sandwich, for dinners it was jacket potato and for tea it was slimming world recipes food from the menu book. Really tasty food and quite easy to make which was a surprise.

Thursday night weigh in

I walked along to slimming world last night thinking as long as i haven’t put any weight on I’ll be happy.

I walked in, took off my bag, coat and shoes, handed in my money,book and card then stepped on the scale. In my mind it said 2.5lbs off which was great! I was so happy that it went so well!!

Now was group time, where Liz went around the room and discussed with everyone. When she came around to me she said that i had lost 6.5lbs!!!! I forgot how many lbs there are in a stone!! Needless to say i am over the moon, i cant believe it at all!

This coming week is going to be tough as I’m away this weekend. Let’s hope i don’t ruin things, I’d be devastated!

Weight: 17st 7.5lbs

Weight loss: 6.5 lbs





So I went to my first slimming world group yesterday – with a friend so we didn’t have to suffer alone! It was definitely eye opening.

When we walked in there wasn’t anyone to greet us so we were not aware of what we were meant to be doing. Upon my friend asking we were pointed to the end of the room where there was another woman filling in forms. When approaching the Area a consultant found us and gave us forms to fill in.

What I didn’t expect was to guess my height, as the form needed it. I have zero idea how tall I am! Granted that I am very tall for a woman, I can’t just put tall into the space.

After completing the forms our consultant (Liz) came over and talked through the booklet with us. There are 4 separate books (which I read as soon as I got home) which seem to be a very big help. From what I can see the thicker book is the one that will be used most often as it contains all your syn and food information – plus the entries for your weekly weigh-ins. We were also nicely informed that a person’s weight is never discussed, the only thing that is discussed is the gain/loss number. I think that’s fab as I would hate knowing how much everyone weighs and them knowing how much I weigh!

After talking about this, the woman previously filling in the form before we got there asked straight away about the chocolate items and started searching to see how bad they were. If you ask me that’s not the right attitude to have! She also left straight after we stopped talking about the books and it was time for group. Something tells me she’s not going to make it very far…

The Group Meeting…

Well. What an experience! So the consultant went 1 by 1 around the room and spoke about how people did this week and their gains and losses. It does seem like a very supportive team, where were a number of times that members provided advise and also shared times when they had similar events. What I did not expect was the amount of clapping involved! I HAAAAAAATE Clapping, its loud and unnecessary (now I seem very English). A lady received multiple awards but I’m not very sure what they were, something about club 10 (no idea) and slimmer of the month. There was also a raffle (I think they happen weekly) in which the consultant put together a bunch of “Speed” foods. I didn’t know about this or I probably would have bought a ticket. Following this, it was the end of the group and time for people to leave…

The Weigh in!

We had to stay around to be weighed, which is one of the most horrific memories I think I will ever have.  My friend was weighed first and was shocked to her weight gain (she has just had a baby!) but gave a realistic target following the weight she just found out. Next it was my turn, I handed over my book so that it could be written in – I looked later and it included all of Liz’s details encase I needed to speak to her at any point (which she emphasized a few times) – took off my shoes and stepped on the scaled.

18 stone exactly. WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?! I am absolutely mortified that I allowed myself to eat my feelings that much. No wonder I’m having so much difficulty getting pregnant, I have no one but myself to blame.

As soon as I got home I began to construct my shopping list, which I still haven’t completed, full of free foods and a very limited amount of syn foods. This is hard as I have to also feed my family without them moaning about the food! I’m sure I’ll get it done soon and then I will have all the food that I need to be able to be super thin!

Come on R, you can do this.

Week 1 – 18 Stone