Weeks 6&7

Week 6


I’ve been slow and steady this week. After not feeling well last week I feel like if I ate better again I’d out weight on. I didn’t have any more of the ready meals left so I couldn’t eat them, so I found myself making the same things I’d made before. That speedy bolognaise is lovely to be fair.


Being Weighed

I was convinced that I had put weight on. I was like a loose cannon eating everything in sight. It turns out that it wasn’t that bad and id lost another 1.5 lbs.  THAT’S ONE STONE DOWN!


New Weight

16st 13.5lbs


Total Weight Loss

1stone 0.5 pounds.


Week 7


I have had an awful week! I have been stuck in my bed feeling horrible with a shitty Migraine. I have hardly eaten and drank anything, I’ve just been watching telly on it’s lowest brightness with the curtains closed and all the lights off.


In fact I have eaten one meal a day and they have been takeaways. Such shame!!


The Weigh in


I knew I had… Lost 3.5lbs. It’s due to the hardly eating. It’s not a very good thing to do, but I was poorly and it won’t be happening on purpose!!


New Weight

16st 10lbs


Total Weight Loss

1stone 4lbs


Only 3 pounds to go until my Stone and a half!  I’m doing so well!!!!


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