Pound for pound

The first week

So this week was difficult. I was determined not to ruin it and stay on track. I had the odd breakfast of a bacon sandwich, for dinners it was jacket potato and for tea it was slimming world recipes food from the menu book. Really tasty food and quite easy to make which was a surprise.

Thursday night weigh in

I walked along to slimming world last night thinking as long as i haven’t put any weight on I’ll be happy.

I walked in, took off my bag, coat and shoes, handed in my money,book and card then stepped on the scale. In my mind it said 2.5lbs off which was great! I was so happy that it went so well!!

Now was group time, where Liz went around the room and discussed with everyone. When she came around to me she said that i had lost 6.5lbs!!!! I forgot how many lbs there are in a stone!! Needless to say i am over the moon, i cant believe it at all!

This coming week is going to be tough as I’m away this weekend. Let’s hope i don’t ruin things, I’d be devastated!

Weight: 17st 7.5lbs

Weight loss: 6.5 lbs




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