It’s Been Busy

So we’e had the news that we need to move house. This means that the stress of my life has increased X15 and it[‘s been difficult for me to eat right, let alone update my blog. But let me catch myself up.

Week Two

This was a harder week. I was so happy with my first weeks loss that i started being less strict. Bought some snacks and just loosened up a bit. It didn’t go terribly bad, although all week i thought i would lose the same at the first week. DELUSIONAL.

Let me tell you, the first week is easy because your body is changing food quickly so you drop a lot of weight in one go. The second week is so much harder, your body now knows the stuff you’re eating and the weight doesnt drop off.

The Weigh in
Not as well as I expected, but i lost another 3lbs.

New Weight
17st 4.5lbs.

Week Three

This was the hardest week so far. The stress from trying to find a house got to me and i ate nearly all the snacks in the world. Sometimes it’s okay to slip up and treat yourself, it makes the weeks where you lose a lot of weight worth it.

The Weigh in

Horrible. Maintained.

New Weight
17st 4.5lbs

Week 4

I tried so hard to get back into the frame of mind this week. It was very difficult, the stress of everything as just getting to me and i needed to eat everything. I’m guessing that maybe one day out of the week i did eat slimming world. It’s not so bad i guess. It could have been so much worse.

The Weigh in
A loss is a loss. .lbs loss. Everyone said it’s been that a gain, but i feel as though i have cheated myself.

New Weight
17st 4lbs

Week 5

The best week i think i have had. To say that we were out for a the boxing Saturday, the Tour de Yorkshire Sunday and it was bank holiday Monday i did really well. I didn’t over eat and i tried to stick to slimming world. Back with the jacket potato at dinner time and allowed myself controlled snacks through the week. I also have been eating the slimming world ready meals, they’re alright to be fair.

The only one id idn’t like was the beef in gravy with swede. Something about it my body didn’t like and made me a little poorly. Im sure this helped towards the hopeful wright loss.

The Weigh in
Ecstatic that i lost another 3lbs. As i say most of it is probably due to how poorly i felt all week making me want to eat less.

New Weight

17st 1lb

Let’s hope that i can keep this up. 1 more pound and I’ve lost my first stone.


Total weight loss 13 pounds.



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